Hitting “Reset” on Your Inspiration: 12 Ways to Combat Creative Block

One of the most frustrating experiences you can face as a creative person is when your inspiration takes a spontaneous sabbatical, leaving you staring at a blank page, pencil hovering over the paper, with zero ideas in your head. I myself have been there plenty of times… in fact, as I write this, I’m battling … More Hitting “Reset” on Your Inspiration: 12 Ways to Combat Creative Block

Society6 update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about it, but my Society6 store is still up and running… and just this week, it’s become home to a bunch of my more recent work! Not only that, but there are several new products on their site, which I’ll also be covering in this update. Pictured: The … More Society6 update

New on Redbubble

Have you visited Redbubble lately? You should… there have been all sorts of new things going on over there, just within the last couple of months! If you don’t have the time or energy to explore their site, though, don’t worry; I’ve compiled a shortlist of their new products and offers below, so you won’t … More New on Redbubble

New rocks from Arizona

Hey everyone! I finally got back from visiting my family earlier this week, and while I’m still working on sorting through photos and writing a post about my vacation, I wanted to show off some souvenirs I got on my trip: I picked up these cool specimens at a little rock shop in Jerome, Arizona. The guy who owned … More New rocks from Arizona