Fairy wings

Just before Halloween, I managed to finish the last, and perhaps most important, part of my costume: the wings! With Halloween only a day away when I started this project, I was worried that I’d run out of time and be stuck with either store-bought wings or no wings at all. But after browsing lots of costume and … More Fairy wings

Costume progress

It’s been slow going, but I’m nearly done with the green dress I started working on last week! Sewing the fabric pieces together wasn’t difficult in and of itself, but my alterations made the construction of the dress take much longer than I’d hoped. Using double-sided interfacing to make my fabric thicker had me stopping regularly to peel … More Costume progress

Post-Halloween update with costumes, autumn photography, and more

So, October turned out to be a pretty turbulent month for me… I didn’t get to finish all of the projects I was working on (thanks in no small part to my sewing machine conking out on me at 3am on Halloween morning), but I did get my costume to a point where I felt it … More Post-Halloween update with costumes, autumn photography, and more