Halloween 2017: Werewolf Costume

It took ages, but I finally got some good photos of my werewolf Halloween costume! I ended up hauling all of my makeup and costume pieces out to Arizona when I was visiting earlier in December, just so I could get some pictures in the pine forests… and it was the perfect place for a photoshoot. … More Halloween 2017: Werewolf Costume


Monster Claws Tutorial

Costumers who are busy often and travel regularly know the challenges of making costume pieces on a deadline, and then having to pack and carry everything with you when you’re out in the world. Since I knew I’d be out of state visiting family during my favorite holiday, I had to use the weeks leading … More Monster Claws Tutorial

Fairy wings

Just before Halloween, I managed to finish the last, and perhaps most important, part of my costume: the wings! With Halloween only a day away when I started this project, I was worried that I’d run out of time and be stuck with either store-bought wings or no wings at all. But after browsing lots of costume and … More Fairy wings

Costume progress

It’s been slow going, but I’m nearly done with the green dress I started working on last week! Sewing the fabric pieces together wasn’t difficult in and of itself, but my alterations made the construction of the dress take much longer than I’d hoped. Using double-sided interfacing to make my fabric thicker had me stopping regularly to peel … More Costume progress