Creepy creatures on Spoonflower

After weeks of waiting, my newest batch of Spoonflower swatches has finally arrived! I’m really happy with how my bat design looks on fabric…

…and I finally got swatches for the Krampus pattern I made last year, too!

Krampus turned out a little darker than I’d expected, but the fine details are still there, and all of the colors look nice and bright. I feel like both sets of patterns are printed at a nice scale, too… not so small that you start to lose any of the details, but big enough to make a statement without being too big.

Now that I know the art looks good printed on fabric, I’m finally able to make them available for sale over on my Spoonflower, which means that you can see all five of these new designs on fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap by clicking here! Those new to Spoonflower will be impressed by their wide variety of fabrics, which includes fleece, sport lycra, canvas, and an impressive selection of knits. Their wallpaper is available as either smooth paper or woven polyester, and can be used on walls, as shelf liners, and all kinds of other home decor projects. And Spoonflower’s gift wrap is heavy enough to use not only for wrapping presents, but for just about any paper craft you can think of… scrapbooking, collaging, decoupaging, you name it! You can check out a detailed rundown of their products and pricing by clicking here.

Up until now, I’d only seen my designs on their Basic Cotton Ultra (as it’s one of their most inexpensive fabrics), so this time I decided to order my swatches on their Kona Cotton Ultra instead so I could do a side-by-side comparison.

The first big difference I noticed was the color; the basic cotton (left) is a bit off-white, almost erring towards ivory, while the Kona cotton (right) is closer to a pure white. And although the basic cotton has a slightly higher thread count, the Kona cotton is softer and slightly less stiff, making it more suitable to use for sewing clothing.

Just from looking at the photos on the Spoonflower website, I wouldn’t have guessed that the basic and Kona cottons would have been all that different, but of the two, I definitely like the Kona cotton better now that I’ve seen it in person. This is a problem that many crafters who shop online are probably familiar with, as it’s often difficult to tell what a piece of cloth actually looks and feels like just from looking at a photo of the product. Fortunately, the people at Spoonflower know this, which is why they offer sample packs that include a swatch of each of their products, including samples of their wallpaper and gift wrap. And the best part? The pack costs just $3 and ships for free, meaning that you can take the guesswork out of ordering fabric online for the price of a cup of coffee!

I’d really like to sew something using fabric printed with one of those bat designs, so I’ll probably order a sample pack when I commit to a project, since I’m especially curious to see how their different knits and cottons compare to one another. I’m pretty tempted to make a skirt or dress using either the bat pattern or that pumpkin pattern I made last year, since I don’t really have any cute fall-themed clothing… but that’s a post for another day! ‘Til then, tell me what you think of the new designs in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my full design library on Spoonflower by clicking here.



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