Society6 update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about it, but my Society6 store is still up and running… and just this week, it’s become home to a bunch of my more recent work! Not only that, but there are several new products on their site, which I’ll also be covering in this update.

Pictured: The Weird Sisters in white and black

First of all, fans of Society6’s apparel will be happy to hear that The Weird Sisters logo is now available on their hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops, as well as bags, mugs, blankets, and more! Click on the underlined links in the caption above and scroll down to check out all available products.

Pictured: Les Livres and Le Crâne

Notebooks aren’t just for Redbubble any more! Sporting a flexible, laminated cover with artwork that wraps around the whole book, the Society6 notebooks are 6×8″, which makes them the same size as Redbubble’s spiral notebooks and a bit bigger than Redbubble’s hardcover journals. With 52 pages, these books are much slimmer than the Redbubble notebooks, which boast 120+ pages of slightly thicker paper. Society6’s notebooks are available with both lined and unlined pages, and can be ordered in sets of three for a discount.

If journals aren’t your thing, you can still get both of these designs on all kinds of other cool stuff! Click here to visit the listing for Les Livres and here to see Le Crâne.

Pictured: Doughnut Talk to Me

Another of Society6’s newer products is the Adventure Case, made specially for the iPhone 5/5s, SE, 6, and 6s. This sturdy case features a hard plastic liner and rubber exterior that makes it extra durable, no matter where you go… or how clumsy you are. The Adventure Case also has sealable ports, covered buttons, and a thin touchscreen cover for added protection. While it’s only available for a few select iPhone models as of right now, I’m hoping that these cases be popular enough to start making for other phones soon, as I’d really like one for my 5c. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, feel free to check out other products featuring my Doughnut Talk to Me artwork by clicking here and scrolling down!

Pictured: Tea Rex and I Don’t Care What You Do

Also newly added to my Society6 gallery are my Tea Rex and I Don’t Care What You Do designs. Both are available on a huge selection of products from shirts to shower curtains, including 15oz mugs, which are several ounces bigger than Redbubble’s standard and tall mugs. Bigger mugs means bigger artwork and more space to hold your favorite drink, so what’s not to love?

Not into mugs or tote bags? You can still see both pieces of artwork on lots of cool products on Society6 by clicking the links in the caption above and scrolling down!

Pictured: Itty Bitty Bats on a throw blanket, window curtains, and pillow shams

Finally, I’m happy to announce that my new bat patterns are now on Society6, too! All three variations have been formatted for nearly all of Society6’s products (except apparel), which means that you can get them on all of the new home decor products, too!

This includes Society6’s new window curtains, which are 100% lightweight polyester and measure 50×84″. They are available as single panels, although you can order double panels for a significant discount. The curtains have a 4″ sleeve, which should easily accommodate most curtain rods, and are sure to be a statement piece wherever you hang them!

Looking for an accent piece that isn’t the focal point of the room? Maybe you’d like some pillow shams, instead! These shams are made from 100% polyester as well, and are available in standard size (20×26″) and king size (20×36″) in sets of two. Designs are printed on one side, while the back is white and features an envelope closure that runs lengthwise across the pillow.

Pictured: Itty Bitty Bats on a floor pillow, beach towel, and bath mat

Maybe you prefer sitting on the floor, though? That’s okay – no judgement here! Instead of a pillowcase, you might be more interested in Society6’s new floor pillows. These pillows are made from 100% polyester, come in two sizes (26×26″ and 30×30″) and look great whether you prefer them to be square or round, big or small. All pillows feature a bar tack stitch that give them a dimple in the center that helps prevent rips and tears.

Society6 has you covered for bathroom decor, too, with their new microfiber bath mats. Perfect for matching with their towels, these mats have a memory foam cushion that’s sure to feel nice and soft under your feet after a long shower. Plus, the skid-proof backing keeps them – and you! – from slipping and sliding across the floor. There are both 17×24″ and 21×24″ mats available, making it easy to decorate small bathrooms, and for mixing and matching!

Whew… I think that about covers it! With all of this new stuff on Society6, keeping up with everything can be a hassle sometimes, so I hope this guide has helped make sense of what’s new at my store. There will be more updates to come as more artwork and products are made available, so be sure to hit the follow button so you don’t miss anything!


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