New on Redbubble

Have you visited Redbubble lately? You should… there have been all sorts of new things going on over there, just within the last couple of months! If you don’t have the time or energy to explore their site, though, don’t worry; I’ve compiled a shortlist of their new products and offers below, so you won’t miss anything.

Pictured: Doughnut Talk to Me, Twisted Tentacles, Tea Rex, and I Don’t Care What You Do

First up is some exciting news for sticker-lovers everywhere! Redbubble has compiled series of Sticker Packs based off of popular interests (such as travel, cats, and pizza). There are ten stickers from different Redbubble artists in each pack, and each pack is 50% off. You can browse Sticker Packs by clicking here… or, if you’d like to put together your own collection, you’ll get 25% off when you order any four stickers together and 50% off when you order ten. Whether you want to mix and match designs from your favorite Redbubble artists or stock up on copies of your favorites, you’ll be saving lots on all your stickers from now on!

Pictured: Tea Rex, The Weird Sisters, and Cake or Death?

Second is Redbubble’s lightweight sweatshirt. Not to be confused with their lightweight hoodie, this new cotton-poly blend sweatshirt lacks a hood and front pocket, but it’s just as soft and comfy. The shirts come in a variety of colors from blues to greys, and are preshrunk and fit sizes extra-small through 3XL. And even though it’s listed in the “men’s” section, it looks great on anybody! You can check out the lightweight sweatshirts in my shop by clicking here.

Pictured: I Don’t Care What You Do, Doughnut Talk to Me, and Don’t Touch Me

Finally, one of Redbubble’s newest products: the long t-shirt! I’m a bit excited about this one because the print area on this shirt is about 40% bigger than the other shirts currently available on Redbubble. So, longer shirts = bigger art! The shirt also features a rounded bottom hem and a drop tail, which means that the back hem is longer than the front hem. So far they are available in black, white, and charcoal heather in sizes from small through 2XL. You can see which of my designs are available on this shirt by clicking here!

That’s all that’s new for now, but be sure to check back on my blog – and on Redbubble – to stay in the loop!


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