Katy Blogs Things on Pinterest

Hi everyone – I’m finally back! I ended up being away from home for an extra two weeks when my mom and I had car trouble in California, and realized we might not be able make the cross-country drive back to Illinois safely. While this cut our road trip short, it meant that I got to spend a little extra time with family in Arizona, which was a pretty nice trade-off.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t have my laptop with me and our reception was less than serviceable at times, it meant that Katy Blogs Things got pretty quiet for a while. (This was why June’s Muse of the Month was a few days late.) But now that I’m finally home, I’ll be jumping right back into making blog posts!

While I scramble around working on art and creating content to post, though, you should check out my new Pinterest account! I only signed up a few weeks ago, so I don’t have very many boards yet, but I’m quickly filling it with all the stuff I love. To see what I’ve been pinning so far, click here, or click on the “Pinterest” link on the menu bar above.


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