Arms and Armor at the Art Institute

After being largely absent from the public eye for years, the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago – and my favorite part of the museum – is finally on display once more in its full glory!

Earlier this month, Jesse and I were finally able to find the time to visit the Art Institute together, and see the exhibit for ourselves.

It had been at least a decade since I’d last seen this collection, and I was pleased to find that it had only grown bigger and more impressive after all these years. Part of a larger exhibit focused on the art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, the Arms and Armor installation is now home to even more pieces of armor and weaponry, giving visitors more to admire and appreciate than ever before.

Not only had they added some really remarkable sets of armor to the collection, but there was a gallery full of finely decorated weaponry – including swords, guns, crossbows, and more – at the end of the exhibit.

It seemed like there were many more firearms on display this time around – especially in the last gallery – but the entire wing was absolutely packed with exquisitely-crafted art, armor, and weapons. It was impossible to walk two steps without seeing something breathtaking!

I know that not everyone will get the chance to see Arms and Armor in person, which is part of the reason why I wanted to share some of my photos. As a kid, the Arms and Armor exhibit was always my absolute favorite part of the museum to visit, and it never failed to impress and inspire me. In writing this post, I’m hoping that some of my readers will feel that inspiration, too!

With that said, please feel free to use my pictures as reference material, inspiration, or whatever else you can think of! And if you do make any artwork using the photos, comment or email me a link to your work… I’d love to see what you make!



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