Batty illustrations

Even though the week leading up to my trip has been pretty busy, I managed to make some progress on this cute bat pattern that’s been on the back burner for nearly a month!

I was really hoping to get it posted on Redbubble before I left for Arizona, but making it work as a repeating pattern has been much more difficult than I’d anticipated… every time I think I have everything even and lined up, I find something new to nitpick. I’m really pleased with it so far, though, and I’m determined to get it to work as a pattern, so I’ll definitely be making another post when I finally finish it!

I’m mostly happy with the background colors, but I’d love to have input from my readers, too. Keeping in mind that the designs will eventually be on phone cases, tote bags, and fabric, what do you guys think of the colors? Are there any other colors you’d like to see instead? Let me know in the comments!


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