First photos of spring

I’ve had some pretty bad artist’s block lately, but since the weather in Illinois was especially warm and inviting this last weekend, I took the opportunity to stop staring at an empty sketchbook page, get outside, and enjoy the outdoors a little!

I convinced Jesse to visit a nearby forest preserve with me, and we spent part of Saturday afternoon walking along trails and skipping rocks in the creek.

The increase in heat and humidity has been a welcome change for plants and animals in the woods, and I even got to photograph a couple of the cold-blooded residents!

I barely got my finger on the shutter in time to snap photos of this little snake, which I think might be a midland brown snake. At first, he seemed more focused on getting away from us, but as I crouched down to get more photos, he stood his ground, drew his head back, and struck out at me a few times! I wasn’t close enough to be in any danger, but I tried not to corner him for too long; after taking a couple of pictures, I let him go on his way.

Even at home, there has been evidence of spring. A small tree right outside our back door has blossomed, and growing beneath it is a carpet of pretty purple flowers. Though I’m not looking forward to the combination of heat and humidity that the summer months inevitably bring, getting to see everything in bloom has made for a beautiful weekend!


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