Vacation photos: Part 1

At long last, I’ve finally sorted through and edited the photos from my trip to Arizona last month! Even though I was only gone for a couple of weeks, I managed to visit a lot of cool places and take a bunch of pictures along the way… so many, that I’ll actually be publishing the rest of them in part two of this post in a couple of days! After that, it should be business as usual, as I’ll be back to working through my ever-growing list of art projects.

Anyway, onto the vacation photos!

Since I’m always looking for locations to add to my Atlas Obscura profile, one of the first places we went was the mountain town of Jerome, Arizona.

Surprisingly, the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel wasn’t an Atlas Obscura destination (though this didn’t stop me from getting a garish shirt declaring that I had survived my trip to the haunted hotel), but I was able to cross the sliding jail off of my “want to visit” list. We didn’t have enough time in our day to drive up and check out the Gold King Mine Ghost Town and the old abandoned post office, but I got to see some of the abandoned mining buildings, and we stopped at a cool little rock shop called The Miner’s Pick, where I picked out some pretty new pieces for my rock collection (click here to see what I got). Another missed opportunity was the Haunted Hamburger restaurant, which I’m determined to visit next time I find myself in Jerome!

Also, part of me really wants to go on that ghost hunting tour. Maybe next time…

The next day, my mom and I joined my aunt and uncle in hiking around Granite Dells on a trail we hadn’t explored. Since it had rained a lot just before I’d flown out, the plants were green and growing, and lots of little lizards were out enjoying the warm weather. It all added up to a beautiful day for hiking and taking photos!

In fact, the weather was so nice while I was visiting that my mom and I picked an especially clear day later that week to spend driving around the valley and enjoying the scenery. Everything was in bloom, including the trees, many of which were so laden with pollen that they had turned orange. Good thing I don’t have any allergies, I guess?

We stopped several times so that I could take photos and explore some of the creek beds that had formed thanks to the recent rain. I didn’t find much in the way of cool rocks this time, but one of my big finds of the day was a rock that had a band of quartz running right through it, making it look like a big, toothy mouth. I ended up not taking it back to Illinois with me, since the crystal growth seemed to have made the rock fragile, and I didn’t want to risk it being jostled and breaking in half en route… but I was really proud to have found such a cool specimen! (You can see more photos by clicking here.) The good news is that I can always admire it when I’m visiting my parents, since it’s now decorating the bedside table in the guest room.

I couldn’t believe that I managed to do and see so many cool things in just the first week of my vacation, but the second week was just as much fun! I’ll be sharing the rest of the photos from my trip in my next post in just a couple of days, so stay tuned.


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