More tiny paintings

I loved working on those little landscape paintings I made last month… so much so, in fact, that I decided to make a few more before leaving on vacation to put on display both at the Phippen Museum – along with those cactus paintings I showed off earlier this week – and at my cousin’s western wear store!

Instead of choosing scenic photos from my road trip, I decided to pick some of the photos I took in and around Prescott. I’m hoping original artwork of recognizable scenery will have a universal appeal, whether the viewer is just visiting Prescott or was born and raised there.

For my cousin’s store, I painted a shot of the Copper Basin Road, and for the Phippen, I painted Granite Dells. Since Thumb Butte is one of the most well-known local landmarks, I painted two of those so I could have one at each place.

I’m really proud of these, and very excited to see if potential buyers like them, too!


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