Cactus paintings

Before leaving on my trip, I managed to finish these cute little cacti paintings, which I’d started as a fun little side project. I ended up being so happy with how they turned out, I took them to Arizona to show to my uncle, who works at the Phippen Museum… some of my past southwest-themed work has been on display in their gift shop. He showed these (and my miniature landscape watercolors) to the lady who runs the shop, who said she’d be happy to put them all up for sale!

Some of the skull paintings I did a couple of years ago (which you can see here) actually sold there, so I have high hopes for this triptych. Cacti and bleached skulls are pretty common southwestern motifs, but I think these paintings are bright and appealing enough to draw the eyes of both tourists and locals. Fingers crossed that someone will like these spiky succulents enough to take them home!

cactus paintings3


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