Tiny landscapes

I didn’t do much art this past week, but I did finally get the chance to try out an idea I had when I took all those photos on my vacation last year. I shrunk a couple of my favorite pictures down to 2×3″, pulled out my microns and watercolors, and gave my traditional art skills a workout!

This was a fun little weekend project that only took me a few hours to complete from start to finish, but I just love how these paintings turned out! Since I was working on a really small scale and didn’t want to compete with the texture of traditional watercolor paper, I used Strathmore Mixed Media paper with vellum surface. The smooth paper made it easier to accurately trace my photos with pencil and get all the fine details inked, and was really easy to paint on… although the paper warped slightly while I was working, it flattened out nicely once dry, and didn’t pill or get gross and soggy at all.

And, they look even cuter framed:

mini paintings3.jpg

I’m thinking of listing these on Etsy eventually, but for now I think they’ll look nice on the mantel!


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