Redbubble Sticker Challenge: Week 4

The theme for the final week of the Redbubble digital sticker challenge was “Valentine’s Day,” and I couldn’t resist indulging in some… cheesy wordplay.

All puns aside, I’m really happy with this design! I think it looks good as a digital sticker, and it fits perfectly with this week’s theme. It’s available on all kinds of stuff over on Redbubble – just in time for Valentine’s Day! – and you can check out everything available by clicking here, or on the individual links in the caption below.


Pictured: Postcard, mug, sticker, and throw pillow.

Also, some exciting news about my design for week one of the challenge… although my Doughnut Touch Me piece didn’t make it into the top ten, I got an email from Redbubble telling me that they liked my entry so much, it would get an honorary feature in their free sticker pack! No word yet on when the digital stickers will be made available in the iMessage app store, but I’ll be sure to make a blog post with all the information after the rest of the winners are announced.


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