Practicing anatomy

I have a commission coming up soon that’s going to involve a bit of life drawing, so I spent an afternoon brushing up on my anatomy skills and felt like sharing some of my sketches:

While I didn’t have any real models to work from, I did find this cool site called SketchDaily! You can choose between a variety of models, poses, and angles, as well as how long each image is displayed onscreen, and when you hit the start button, it starts a timed slideshow of photos based on your selected criteria. You can also pause the slideshow and navigate back and forth between photos at any time, which is excellent if you need longer than ten minutes to work on your drawing.

I hadn’t done any figure drawing since about 2012, and while working from a photograph isn’t quite as good as working with a real person, it was really fun to stretch those creative muscles again. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, click here to visit SketchDaily, and feel free to share your own drawings in the comments below!


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