Etsy sale!

I decided I want to make some changes to my Etsy store this year, so in anticipation of making some new products available, I’m offering some serious discounts on a lot of my handmade work! Here’s a comprehensive list of everything that’s on sale:

First up are these earring sets I made a while back, which are still waiting to go to a good home! Perfect for anyone looking for a wearable conversation starter, and great for costumes and Victorian-inspired outfits. The paired earrings are listed at $10, and the earring/necklace sets are listed at $12, and you can view all of them over in the jewelry section of my shop by clicking here.

Also on sale are these super-cute bat paintings, which you can get for $17 just in time for Valentine’s Day! Show someone special that you’re batty for them with some adorable original artwork. Painted on 4×6″ wood panels, and sealed with a light spray finish for protection, they can be displayed on just about any flat surface in your home. Click here to take a look at the listing for Batty for You.

Next is one of my favorite cross stitch projects. Made for a 4×6″ frame, this piece may be small, but it packs a visual – and verbal – punch! There are only two of these available, and you can get them for just $24 each. Click here to see the listing.

For anyone looking for something a little smaller and more affordable, I have several small cross stitch pieces listed at $14 each. Ranging from rude to congratulatory, these are great to give as gifts, or to keep for yourself!

Click here to see the Fuck cross stitch, here to see the You Did the Thing cross stitch, and here to see the Can You Not cross stitch.

This next design is one of the first cross stitch works I ever listed on Etsy, and it’s always been one of my favorites. For the first time ever, you can pick up this cute design for the pyro in your life for just $18. Check out the listing for Let’s Burn Things by clicking here!

etsy sale12.jpg

Proudly display your support for the LGBT+ community with this stitched sentiment! Perfect to give as a wedding gift, birthday present, or to keep on your mantel to let guests know that you support love between all genders. See the listing by clicking here.

Need a gift that tells the recipient how you really feel about them? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fancy way to tell people to behave in your house? Either way, this framed cross stitch will remind everyone that you mean it. Like, really mean it. Click here to see the listing for Don’t Be Shitty.

These sale prices will be in effect until the pieces out of stock, and once these pieces are gone, they’ll likely be gone for good! I’m planning to cut back on the number of cross stitch works I’ll be selling through Etsy, and, over the next few months, I’ll be introducing some new products in their place… some will be cross stitch-related, some won’t.

Keep an eye on my blog and my Etsy store for new products and updates coming later this year!


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