Redbubble Sticker Challenge: Week 1

This week, Redbubble announced the start of their Digital Sticker Challenge to celebrate the new digital stickers they’ll be making available for iOS devices in the app store. For four weeks, they’ll be issuing themed challenges – this week’s theme is “food” – and, by creating and submitting artwork, you might be one of the lucky artists who’ll have their designs featured and made available in the iMessage app store as a free sticker pack!

I’ve been kind of stumped on what to make for this year’s valentines, so I spent yesterday afternoon designing a food sticker to give myself a mental break from the project. Unfortunately, I realized too late that the challenge guidelines recommended a 1:1 ratio for digital stickers, and my design is closer to 2:3. Still, I had a lot of fun working on this, and, in the end, that made this side project more than worthwhile.

I went ahead and put it on all sorts of other stuff, too, and you can see all of the available products at my Redbubble store by clicking here, or on the links in the caption below. And, if you’re interested in participating in the challenge yourself, you can click here to get all of the details!


Pictured: iPhone case, t-shirt, mug, and tote bag.


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