New Christmas Stockings

Some of my readers might remember those cute little stockings I crocheted last year to give out to my friends as Christmas gifts… well, I liked them so much that I decided to make some more this year, too!

To make these, I used a size G/4.25mm crochet hook and Vanna’s Choice yarn in scarlet and white, and worked off of the same pattern as before, which you can find here.

Since I wanted the top of the stocking to be folded over, I ended up adding an extra row to the white section so that it would be tall enough to fold down and still look neat. I also added three stitches to the chain loop so that I could secure it inside the stocking, as opposed to along the top edge. Once I got back into the rhythm of stitching – it had been several months since I’d crocheted anything, and I had to reteach myself some of the basics – I was able to make a single stocking from start to finish in about three and a half hours. Just one skein of scarlet yarn gave me seven complete stockings with barely any left over, so this was a super inexpensive holiday project that was also fun and easy to do, and perfect for everyone on my list!

Plus, I was just so pleased with how these turned out! I think I like them even better than last year’s stockings. Everyone thought they were very cute, and they were the perfect size to hang on our little tree… complete with tiny stocking stuffers!


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