New year, new Redbubble products

Pardon the inactivity here on Katy Blogs Things… the holidays were incredibly busy for me, and I’ve been balancing my personal life with bone-cleaning, getting new designs ready for Spoonflower, making more products available on Redbubble and Society6, and working on this year’s valentines! It’s been a hectic time for me lately, but now that we’re in the new year, I should be able to start posting regularly again.

To get things back in gear, I’m excited to talk about some new products that Redbubble has added to their site over the past couple of months that you might’ve missed. First up are wall clocks!


Pictured: Le Crâne and Twisted Tentacles

Society6 has had wall clocks for a while now, but the new clocks on Redbubble are a little bigger, measuring 10.25″ in diameter with a 2″ depth. The bamboo frame comes in three colors (black, white, and natural), while the metal hands come in four (black, white, red, and aqua). The main difference between these and the Society6 clocks is the lack of plexiglass covering the clock face, so if you prefer a glass cover, you should check out what I have over at my Society6 store instead. Finally, the clocks run on one AA battery (not included), and there is a built-in hook on the back for easy hanging. To see all of the designs available in my store, click here!


Pictured: Twisted Tentacles – Red and Cactus Party!

Also new to Redbubble’s home decor department: tapestries! Being made from 100% polyester means that they’re also 100% machine washable and dryer safe, and they come in three sizes: small (60 x 51″), medium (80 x 68″), and large (104 x 88″). No matter what size or design you choose, all of the tapestries have bright, printed colors and finished edges. Click here to shop for tapestries in my store!


Pictured: Octopus Ink

Next up are Redbubble’s new art boards. These textured 4-ply boards are perfect for professionally displaying a single piece – or an entire collection – on a table, or on the wall, should you choose to use the four included Velcro dots. The sizes range from 4 x 6″ to 11 x 14″, but only some of the designs are available on larger boards, so be sure you’re happy with the size before you order. You can view all of the designs and sizes in my store by clicking here!


Pictured: Les Livres and Twisted Tentacles

Finally, Redbubble has introduced another new way of exhibiting artwork, this time in the form of acrylic blocks. These back-mounted photographic prints provide a unique way of displaying art, and since the blocks are an inch thick, they can stand freely on any flat surface. Although only available in two sizes – 4 x 4″ and 6 x 6″ – the diamond cut sides and clear finish mean that you can see the art from any angle. To check out all of the acrylic blocks available in my store, click here!

Also! For a limited time, use the code NEWYEAR20 at checkout to get 20% off on everything. Happy shopping!


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