Road Trip: Arizona

The final leg of our journey had me and my mom arriving in Arizona, where my parents were finishing moving into their new place. Luckily, I was able to stay through Thanksgiving, and had lots of extra time to spend with family… not to mention, taking in the sights in and around Prescott!

After few days of relaxing and enjoying the holidays, our next adventure was to drive the Copper Basin Road from Skull Valley up to Thumb Butte, which was another opportunity for me to get out my camera and take some photos of our beautiful surroundings.

We stopped regularly to look at rocks and plants, and even stumbled upon one we’d never seen before… if anyone know what the plant in that last picture is, let me know in the comments!

Although our November was much warmer in Arizona than in Illinois, there were plenty of cloudy, wintery afternoons that were a little less than ideal for photography expeditions. But that didn’t stop us from visiting Granite Mountain (and one of its eight-legged residents)…

…Granite Dells…

…and both Thumb Butte and historic downtown Prescott, too (although we waited for better weather for those, since it was blustery and a little snowy by the time we’d left the dells).

But all too soon, my vacation came to an end, and I had to get myself packed up and heading back home. It feels like I never have enough time to stay with my family in the Southwest, even though I always get homesick and miss Jesse… no matter where I am or where I go, I always have something, or someone, I’m missing.

Still, being able to go on this trip was so fun and exciting, that I can’t help but be grateful for all the places I went and memories I made with my mom along the way! If anything, it just makes me want to go back and visit again more than ever.

So, that wraps it up for my road trip posts! I hope all of my readers have been enjoying reading about where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen, and for those of you wondering when I’ll be posting about my non-photography artwork again, don’t worry… I’ve been working on a few things so far this month, and I already have some ideas for new projects that I’ll be starting over the coming weeks!


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