Road Trip: Garden of the Gods

While looking for places to go in Colorado Springs, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little sightseeing at the city park, the lovely Garden of the Gods!


The Garden of the Gods is a public park, and although we visited on a cool, breezy November afternoon, the paved trails proved to be a popular spot for sightseers, hikers, and even a few daring climbers.

Some of the most recognizable formations are the huge fins of red rock in the central area of the park. You can see them from the road that loops all the way around the central garden, but their size and beauty is best appreciated from the trails, which take you around and through each of the imposing formations.

As the park is a natural landmark, there’s a fair amount of wildlife living in and around the area. Though it seemed too chilly for rattlesnakes and insects, I got to see a mule deer, a few scrub jays, and lots of magpies and ravens. I liked the black-billed magpies especially – you can really see the iridescent blues and greens of their feathers in the photos.

While we didn’t end up with much time to really explore Garden of the Gods, it was beautiful to see at sunset, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for accessible sightseeing opportunities in Colorado. This was our first time visiting the park, and I’d definitely like to go back to take more photos on a future trip!

So, readers! Where do you like to go on vacation? Have you been to either of the places I’ve visited so far? Leave a comment and let me know!


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