Finished Halloween costume!

After weeks of preparation, lots of hard work, and more than a few late nights, I had a costume that looked great on Halloween night!

For all of the stress and lost sleep I went through over this project, I really have to say that I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I got lots of compliments on my costume from our trick-or-treaters, and several wide-eyed stares from the occasional awestruck little girl who couldn’t believe that a fairy had answered the door.

Honestly… it was a pretty cool feeling.

Not only do I feel like I did a really good job staying faithful to my original design, but I made something that I’m super proud of in the process. I think the work that I put into this project really shows, and that makes me feel pretty good!

So, now that October is over and my Halloween costume is finally done, I can get some much-needed rest and turn my attention to my ever-growing list of project ideas. November is going to be a pretty busy month for me – more on that later – but for right now I’m planning to relax a little while I catch up on my Inktober drawings and brainstorm what to draw for this year’s Krampuslauf exhibit. Stay tuned!


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