One from the vaults: Halloween 2013

Since it’s officially Halloween, I wanted to share a costume from a few years ago that I’m still really proud of!

In August of 2013, I began work on my most ambitious Halloween costume to date. It required more fabrication and construction than I’d ever done for just one project, but by October 31st, my faun costume was complete!


Photos copyright Michael Slaughter, 2013. All rights reserved.

One of the most common questions I get when I show off photos of this costume is “How did you make that?” and, as you may guess, there’s no short answer.

The costume is comprised of five main parts: the pants, the shoes, the ears, the horns, and the asymmetrical top. The top was the easiest thing to make, since all I did was modify a tank top pattern and cut some holes in the fabric.

I used sheep horns as a base for my faun horns, covering them with cling wrap before doing several layers of paper mache around them. This gave me a realistic shape while keeping the horns hollow, and therefore extremely lightweight. I also wrapped a length of cotton rope around each paper mache horn to add a ridged texture (followed by more layers of paper mache to help smooth everything out). Then I did several coats of Mod Podge Hard Coat and paint to finish them off! To wear them, I fed wire up inside the horns, taped them in place, and then wrapped the wire around a black wire headband that I made myself. The black wire was easy to hide in my hair, so it really did look like I had horns growing out of my head when I was finished!

The hooves were a lot of fun to make, but took a long time to build correctly. I ordered heelless shoes online, and then built the hoof shape around them with cardboard, crumpled up paper, and paper mache. I coated these with the Mod Podge Hard Coat and paint, too, to match the horns.

For the pants, all I did was hand-stitch brown fur fabric and black micro fleece to a pair of plain leggings. I had to add an extra piece past the bottom hem to cover the parts of the shoes that I hadn’t painted, but I stitched on a brown fur trim to hide the edge.

The ears were pretty simple, but added so much to the finished look! I made them by cutting triangles from craft foam and covering them with the brown fur and some tan-colored fabric, so my real ears would be completely hidden.

While the costume itself was impressive on its own, the final touch was wearing the outfit with all of my makeup on… it really brought everything together.

final photo.jpg

Photo copyright Michael Slaughter, 2013. All rights reserved.

Even years later, I still love how this project turned out, and looking back on it now makes me even more excited to work on my fairy costume! If you have any questions about how I made something, or if you want more details on my process – or if you just want to talk about costuming! – feel free to leave a comment below.


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