Costume progress

It’s been slow going, but I’m nearly done with the green dress I started working on last week!


Sewing the fabric pieces together wasn’t difficult in and of itself, but my alterations made the construction of the dress take much longer than I’d hoped. Using double-sided interfacing to make my fabric thicker had me stopping regularly to peel off the paper backing, fusing each piece to the fabric, and cutting the pieces out before I could actually sew.

I also had to be careful not to sew all of the bottom parts of the dress together, since I was planning to cut out leaf shapes later. It’s hard to show with photos, but there was a lot of careful planning that went into this project.


The double-sided interfacing was pretty easy to work with, but I noticed that peeling the paper backing away too quickly would sometimes pull the fusible webbing away from the edges of the piece. I also noticed that cutting along the edge meant that I had narrow edges of fabric that weren’t completely fused together. To avoid this, I cut my pattern pieces slightly bigger than was needed, and trimmed the excess directly from the fabric as I cut out the final pieces.

This isn’t something you need to do, since most patterns won’t have you leaving your raw edges exposed, but in this case I thought it would look cleaner since my costume does have a lot of exposed raw edges. If you’re planning to use the fusible interfacing for a project of your own, all you’ll really need is a careful hand and some patience.


Slowly but surely, I watched the dress begin to take shape as I worked!

Once I’d gotten the main parts of the dress sewn together, I started making pattern pieces for my alterations – specifically, the leaf shapes at the bottom hem and the shape of the neckline.  I also experimented with some fray check, and ended up covering all of my raw edges with the stuff. While I wasn’t really that worried about my fabric fraying, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to err on the side of caution… just in case.


The last part of the green dress I had to make was the sleeves. I made these the same way I made my other pattern pieces, except I had to create the leaf pattern myself before fusing my fabric.


Here are the finished sleeves, all fused and fray checked! Since I’m painting the sleeves, too, I decided to wait to sew them to the dress until after the costume has been painted… that should make the painting process much easier.

Next I’ll be working on the orange and red leaf skirt (pictured here in my concept art), which I’m making as a separate garment. The pattern I’m working off of is a simple elastic skirt, and since I won’t be using any fusible interfacing with the fabric, I’m hoping to have that piece done in a fairly short amount of time. More photos to come as I make more progress on this project!


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