October bone update

This post is about bone-cleaning and may contain text and photos that some readers might find disturbing. All content is hidden under the link. Continue at your own discretion!

Not much has happened since my last bone post, but the water I’ve been dumping has been getting less smelly and discolored with every consecutive soak, so I’m taking this as a sign that I’m slowly but surely getting this batch clean.

nature preserve bone cleaning12.jpg

Most of the bones are still discolored (such as the leg bone pictured below) or have a off-putting odor about them when dried (like the pelvis and vertebrae), so these will all be going back out to the garage to soak for another few weeks.


And finally, I have another bone that’s actually clean: the broken tailbone! I set this one off to the side for when I’m ready to start a whitening batch.

While this week wasn’t a particularly exciting one for bone cleaning, I can tell that each soak yields slightly clearer water… the process is taking longer than I’d hoped, but I’m happy to be making any progress at all at this point. Hopefully I’ll have more to show by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for updates in a few weeks!


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