Costume progress

It’s been slow going, but I’m nearly done with the green dress I started working on last week! Sewing the fabric pieces together wasn’t difficult in and of itself, but my alterations made the construction of the dress take much longer than I’d hoped. Using double-sided interfacing to make my fabric thicker had me stopping regularly to peel … More Costume progress

Inktober 2016: Days 14-17

With my costume in the works, I had to keep my more recent Inktober drawings simpler so I’d have time to work on both projects. But I’m officially past the halfway point, and still pleased with the artwork I’ve been making this month! Here’s what I drew over the weekend:

Muse of the Month: Inktober

October’s Muse of the Month is something I’ve started taking part in only recently, but that I think is a very good exercise for creative minds. That’s why, this month, I’m talking about Inktober! Some of you may remember when I took part in Inktober last year, and might already know that it’s a thirty-one-day challenge in which participants make one ink … More Muse of the Month: Inktober