Spoonflower swatches have arrived!

Last week, I ordered some Spoonflower swatches of those cute pumpkin patterns I made. This week, they’re finally here!

spoonflower_autumn swatches1.jpg


All designs were printed on Basic Cotton Ultra fabric.

The photos I took don’t quite do the fabric justice, but the colors printed true to the original artwork and the details came through nicely! These designs were all printed on Spoonflower’s Basic Cotton Ultra fabric, which is their cheapest option, but they have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, including fleece, cotton-spandex jersey, performance knit, and heavy cotton twill (you can see the full list by clicking here).

Because of how Spoonflower prints their swatches, it made more sense for me to order a bunch of swatches for this batch, so I ended up getting my border collie designs printed, too! There are thirteen new designs now available for purchase on a wide variety of fabrics, as gift wrap, and as wallpaper through my Spoonflower. Click here to see my full design library!


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