More Halloween costume sketches

It’s been too long since I’ve made progress on my Halloween costume… up until this past weekend, I still didn’t have a concept pinned down for my outfit! After lots of sketching and playing with colors in Photoshop, though, I feel like I finally have a good idea of what I’d like to make.

fairy costume colored sketches.jpg

While browsing Google for ideas, I found a special kind of fabric paint called SoSoft that, true to its name, dries “soft,” meaning that it won’t make the fabric feel rough and stiff once it’s dry. I ordered a bunch of the paint in autumn-y colors, and am planning to sponge on the gradients and paint the veining in the leaves instead of trying to dye the fabric. Using paint instead of dye should make this project much less messy, and will make it way easier for me to do the detail work.

The next step on this is to scour the craft store for patterns I can use or modify to make the fairy dress, and then to find some suitable fabric. I also need to strategize how I’m going to get those decorative holes in the dress without the fabric fraying. I’m planning to start sewing by the end of the week, so hopefully I’ll have more photos by next weekend… can’t wait to get this project moving along!


6 thoughts on “More Halloween costume sketches

    1. I really like that idea! I just don’t trust myself not to burn a big chunk out of my dress, haha. Currently, my plan is to use double-sided interfacing to fuse two layers of flannel together. Flannel doesn’t fray too badly, so with the interfacing holding everything together, I’m hoping that cutting holes through the fabric won’t cause much – if any – damage.

      I’m working on a blog post about my costume that will probably go up early next week, so I’ll be sure post photos when I try it!

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