Finished pumpkins

I finally settled on a design for that tiled pattern I was working on last week, and I think it turned out looking really nice!

pumpkin pattern finished v2.jpg

I’ve got this design up on Redbubble and Spoonflower in all three colors, meaning you can get it on stuff like tote bags, travel mugs, journals, and t-shirts, or have it printed on fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself person.


rb pumpkin pattern.jpg

Some of the products I have for sale are pictured above, and you can click here to visit my Redbubble and see everything available. I have to order test swatches of the design from Spoonflower and okay them before they can be purchased, so I’ll share photos when those arrive so everyone can see what the fabric looks like in person!

I feel like you could use it to make a really cute fall-themed dress… I might have to try that some day…


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