Even more theater work

Remember those giant foam panels I was working on last week? I finally got to start painting them on Thursday! They had all been primed with grey paint before I started working, so my job consisted of painting all the individual “stones” to help make the design pop and add visual depth.

august job collage3.jpg

The lighting where I was working isn’t the best, but you can still see the difference that the sponged-on paint makes in the photo on the right… it really helps make the foam look like a stone wall.

When I was done painting the first panel, Adam used the paint sprayer to make the spaces between the “stones” look even darker. He also misted black and white paint across the panel to unify the paint job.The contrast between the sprayed and unsprayed panels was pretty impressive!


It took all afternoon, but I managed to paint all four panels we had laid out. My legs are super sore from all the crouching and kneeling I had to do, but I’m so pleased with the progress we’ve made so far, and I’m sure they’ll look great onstage! I’ll be helping to finish up this project on Tuesday (we still have five more full-size panels to paint), so I’ll probably share more photos of the completed project next week.


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