More theater work

A few days ago, my friend Adam – the same guy in charge of the theater crew I wrote about working with back in June – asked me if I’d be interested in helping him with another theater job this past weekend. Even though I have a lot going on both in my personal life and trying to get some artwork submitted in time for the Something Wicked deadline, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to draw and carve on foam!

august job collage1

For this project, my job was to help turn these huge sheets of foam into tall panels with a stone wall texture. I was responsible for drawing all of the lines by hand for the sake of consistency in design, but I got to help carve a little, too.

august job collage2

Once the initial carving was done, we carried the panels outside and sprayed them with acetone. This caused the foam to melt and distort, leaving a pitted, textured surface that really made it look like rough stone!

We haven’t gotten around to painting the panels yet, but I’ll be helping with that part later this week. More photos to come as this project wraps up!


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