Halloween costume sketches

For most people I know, mid-August isn’t usually the most exciting time of the year… but for me, it means I’ve already started preparing for Halloween!

A few years back, I designed and made a faun costume from scratch – complete with horns and hooves! – and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I’d really like to work on a fantasy costume again. And despite all of my years making costumes, it occurred to me that I’d never dressed as a fairy before! I started sketching immediately.

fairy costume sketches_v1

The only thing I’ve decided on so far is the color scheme (I’m thinking lots of warm autumn colors), which means I still have a lot of planning to do before I’m ready to start buying fabric and supplies. I’ve never made wings before, but I’ve been looking at photos and tutorials online showing how to heat bond iridescent cellophane around a steel wire frame, and I think that method will yield some pretty nice-looking wings. The big challenge will be creating some kind of harness that will hold the wings comfortably in place on my back.

Definitely expect more updates on this project as it gets closer to Halloween!


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