Harry Potter book release night!

After over four weeks of preparation, the night of the book release party was finally here!

I had preordered my copy last month at a bookstore in a neighboring city, and when we arrived there on Saturday night, the surrounding downtown area was already full of people wandering around in costume… I felt right at home wearing my Weird Sisters shirt and carrying my wand. Several streets had been blocked off to accommodate all of the pedestrians, and many of the businesses had redecorated in honor of the occasion. There was even a stage set up for dancers and musicians to perform for the crowd!

harry potter book release1.jpg

One bookstore had picture frames taped in the windows to give the illusion that the people standing inside were moving portraits, which I thought was pretty creative. Also pictured is my favorite costume of the night – a girl dressed as Moaning Myrtle, complete with toilet seat!

After walking around town for a while and taking in the sights, we ended up at the bookstore waiting excitedly for midnight to arrive. Despite the store being packed with people, we managed to get a decent spot in line and our wait was relatively short.

harry potter book release2

I’m about a quarter of the way through the book so far, and really looking forward to finding out what happens next! (No spoilers, I promise.)

So, with the release party having come and gone, Harry Potter month here on Katy Blogs Things has officially come to an end. I had a really fun time coming up with projects and artwork in celebration of something that’s been near and dear to my heart for so long, and I hope all of you have been enjoying my posts this month! I’ll be returning to my other projects this week, and August’s Muse of the Month will be revealed this upcoming weekend, so expect more posts soon!


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