Redbubble Phone Cases – Short Review

Earlier this week, I ordered a few new phone cases from Redbubble for myself and Jesse, and not only did they arrive quickly, but they look great!

rb phone cases1.jpg

I ordered a Gameboy Color snap case for myself, since I had a purple Gameboy growing up…

rb phone cases2

…and Jesse got tough cases of both the green Gameboy and my octopus artwork!

I’d opted for the snap case purely because it was slightly cheaper, but I have to admit I regretted not spending the extra five bucks when I saw how nice the tough cases look in person. The outer clip-on case attaches securely to a silicon shock-absorbing sleeve, which leaves all the ports and the silent switch accessible while covering the volume and lock buttons. The snap case is slightly lighter and less bulky, which I like, but I’d probably buy a tough case next time just to have that extra padding.

Regardless of which phone case you get, the printed artwork looked great on the cases we ordered. So if you’re interested in getting a Gameboy Color case or an octopus case, you can see those designs – and lots more – here at my Redbubble store!


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