Homemade magic wand – Part 1

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Finally, I managed to get some time to make progress in my most recent Harry Potter project: making a magic wand!

I knew I wanted a simple, yet flowy design, like something a Charms student would have. I really liked how Fleur Delacour’s wand looked in the movies, but, after doing some sketches, I decided I didn’t want to do a lot of complicated shaping and sculpting. Plus, I wanted to keep the wand lightweight and balanced.

wand sketches2.jpg

Image of Fleur Delacour’s wand found on the Harry Potter Wiki.

After rethinking my sketches and looking at lots of tutorials for homemade wands online, I finally decided on a process. I bought a three foot long 7/16″ dowel rod at the craft store, cut it to thirteen inches, and rounded the tip slightly with an X-Acto blade and sandpaper before sanding down the whole thing. (You could easily use a thinner dowel if you prefer a lighter wand, but I felt that the 7/16″ ones had a nice, substantial feel to them.)

For the raised detail work, I used some of my leftover Apoxie Sculpt (that stuff I got back when I sculpted those Funko Pop figurines for my friends), since the Apoxie self-hardens within three hours and doesn’t need to be fired in the oven. Plus, it adheres to wood without glue, making for a relatively mess-free application!

wand wip1_v3.jpg

I’m hoping to have my wand finished up sometime this weekend, so I should have more in-progress photos by next week. Very excited to get this painted and done!

Edit: You can see the finished wand by clicking here!


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