Last week of work

After just over two weeks of some of the toughest physical work I’ve ever done, my time with being a part of a theater crew has officially come to an end!

Much like my first week – not to mention the week after that – my last few days were long and busy, and invariably ended with me covered in paint and sweat. We worked on another drop…

last week of work1.jpg

last week of work2.jpg

…and painted masonite panels to look like the front of a barn for a different show.

last week of work3.jpg

Unfortunately for me, the crew will be moving everything to a workshop in Virginia this week (which is where the shows are taking place), so I won’t get to personally help finish these pieces. Luckily, my new friends have promised to take lots of photos for me once everything is done and ready to decorate the stage, so I’ll be sharing pictures of that as soon as I get them!

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m still so happy and grateful to have had this opportunity. I learned so much about working on a theater production crew, made a bunch of new friends, and got to work on a lot of projects that I was proud of. And despite this being over two weeks of some of the most intense work of my life, I had an even better time than I had hoped for, and really felt welcomed by the group. I’m definitely hoping I get the chance to do something like this again!

So, now that I’m officially out of work, I’ll be able to update more regularly about my own projects again. And no spoilers, but I have a lot of things in the works for next month that I’m very excited to blog about… stay tuned for more updates next weekend!


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