Muse of the Month: Atlas Obscura

Hey everyone! In honor of reaching one hundred posts here on Katy Blogs Things, I thought it would be fun to start writing monthly posts about some of the things that interest and inspire me, as a way of sharing a little more about myself here on my blog. I’ll still be posting my artwork and crafts projects, of course, but about once a month from now on I’ll also be posting about the things, places, and people that inspire me… hence the title of this post, “Muse of the Month.”

So, without further delay, I’m excited to announce that the first ever Muse of the Month is Atlas Obscura!

For those who may not have heard of it, Atlas Obscura is “the definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places,” according to their site. It’s a community-run project dedicated to exploring and examining the world in new and different ways, and often features strange and off-beat articles and news. They have tons of stories featuring current events, but there are also many pieces about history, culture, art, and niche interests. (Quick warning – some of their content can and does include photographs of medical specimens, explicit/graphic artwork, and things of that nature, so peruse at your own risk.) If you’re still not entirely convinced that Atlas Obscura might be a cool place to visit, maybe try reading about why pirates wear earrings, or looking at photos of a chapel built partially from human bones. Or, you could always just watch this video of a smoke tornado forming inside a soap bubble.

Besides the wide variety of topics covered by the articles and columns on the site, Atlas Obscura is also a database for some of the world’s strangest and, in some cases, least-known oddities and attractions. For example, did you know that Poland’s Wawel Cathedral houses a small collection of bones said to belong to a dragon? Or that there is a statue of an angel in a Cleveland cemetery that appears to weep black tears?

Or that there have been four giant stone sculptures guarding the city of Rockford, Illinois since 1987?

atlas obscura1.jpg

atlas obscura2.jpg

I had already agreed to visit Rockford with my mom this weekend, but after spending some time on Atlas Obscura looking at local points of interest, I realized that we would only be a short distance from this installation and I couldn’t resist taking a look for myself! One of my favorite things about Atlas Obscura is that it not only lists a huge number of locations, landmarks, and events, but it also lets you track the places you’ve visited as well as where you’d like to visit in the future! For someone who’s always looking for unusual and out-of-the-way places to explore, I’m not exaggerating when I say I could spend hours on the site planning my next adventure. How else would I have known to be on the lookout for these stone-faced guardians?

So, whether you’re interested in catching up on current events, reading strange stories, or even if you’re just thinking about going off the beaten path during your next road trip, Atlas Obscura is definitely one of the best sites on the internet to waste time on that I’ve found so far. You never know what you’re going to come across next – and sometimes, that’s the best part!

(Oh, and if you want to know where I’ve been and where I want to visit, you can check out my profile on Atlas Obscura by clicking here.)


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