Sea creature doodles

Since I spent most of this month working at my temporary job, I hadn’t had time to work on any of my illustration projects until just recently. I’ve been itching to get back to my drawing tablet for a while now, so doodling some ocean-dwelling invertebrates was a perfect exercise! I’ve been meaning to redesign my business cards to … More Sea creature doodles

Last week of work

After just over two weeks of some of the toughest physical work I’ve ever done, my time with being a part of a theater crew has officially come to an end! Much like my first week – not to mention the week after that – my last few days were long and busy, and invariably ended with … More Last week of work

Second week of work

I didn’t think it was possible, but after a few setbacks at work, this week ended up being even busier than the last! A week ago, I barely had enough time to write about painting a drop for the musical South Pacific. This week, the other painters and I finished and rolled up three drops… … More Second week of work

First week of work

My new job has had me even busier than I thought I would be… so busy, I barely had time to take photos and write this post! All week, I’ve been working with a bunch of artists, builders, and welders to help create set pieces for a modern iteration of the musical South Pacific. My … More First week of work