Sheepdog trial weekend

With the magnets I made earlier this week, some cute little cross stitch pieces, a Redbubble mug, and lots of baked treats courtesy of my boyfriend Jesse, I went to a sheepdog trial with my mom on Saturday!

sheepdog trial1.jpg

As I mentioned in my previous post, the trial was held by Margaret, a friend of my mom’s, who kindly let me use her house to display some of my work. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up selling anything, since everybody was outside watching the trial and it was too windy out to set up a table. But all of Jesse’s cookies sold, and my mom bought the mug as a thank-you gift to Margaret for letting us set up shop at her place! Plus, I got to make a lot of cool art, which will probably end up on my Etsy at some point… I’ll post details about that when I get some more cross stitch pieces finished (I’m planning to make some tricolor and red border collies, too).

Also, here are some better views of those cross stitches – I thought they turned out really cute!

sheepdog trial2

Since I won’t be stressing about deadlines for a while, hopefully I’ll be posting more often during this upcoming week. I’m not sure how active I’ll be during June, since I have a temporary job lined up that’ll have me making theater sets and props for most of that month, but I’ll try to keep sharing content, even if it’s just about what I’m building and painting for work!


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