New sheepdog project

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The past couple of weeks have been a bit on the stressful side, but I finally managed to make some progress on a brand new project I’m working on!

This weekend, I’ll be busy driving to Wisconsin to go to a sheepdog trial. Usually, it’s my mom who’s more interested in dogs and sheep, but one of my mom’s friends is hosting the trial, and she offered me table space to sell some of my artwork! I designed some brand new illustrations and cross stitch patterns to put on display, and this weekend I finally finished up the illustration portion of my work.

sheepdog art.jpg

I’m so pleased with how cute these guys turned out! Though I’d originally intended to use them to make some shrink film magnets, I liked the finished art so much that I turned them into tiled patterns and put them up on Redbubble. You can now get every combination of dog and sheep on phone cases, travel mugs, sticker sets, bags, and more! Some of the designs are pictured below, and the rest can be seen by clicking here.

Plus, if you use the code AMUSING during checkout on May 24, you’ll get 20% off of everything that isn’t already on sale!

rb sheepdog art

Speaking of magnets, this project finally gave me an excuse to use some more of that awesome Grafix Shrink Film I got to make those cactus magnets last Christmas! Since this special shrink film works with inkjet printers, all I had to do was print out my art on the film sheet, cut it out, and bake it. I also decided to seal the finished pieces with three coats of Krylon brand clear spray finish, since I’ve heard that the ink can run if the plastic gets wet.

I used the spray finish instead of Mod Podge this time mostly as a time saver, but I really liked that I didn’t have to worry about leaving brush strokes since I was using an aerosol can instead of a paintbrush. With that and the quick dry time, I think I’ll definitely be using spray finish for any future shrink film projects.

sheepdog magnets1

I’ll have more photos of the finished magnets and more sheepdog-themed artwork later this week, so be sure to check back in a few days to get a look at everything I’m making for the trial!


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