Skull progress and a new find

This post is about bone-cleaning and may contain text and photos that some readers might find disturbing. All content is hidden under the link. Continue at your own discretion!

After three weeks in the degreasing bath, my raccoon skull is still looking pretty discolored… but, it seems as though some of the gunk on the left side of the skull may have been lifted out by the dish soap! The most telling sign of an effective degreasing session is supposed to be the presence of grease/oils resting on the surface of the water, but the water seemed to have been pretty clear when I pulled it out. I’ll be able to get a better look at it once it’s dry, but I’ll probably end up soaking it for a few more weeks. I’ve heard that some bones can take months to degrease, so it may be a while before I post about this skull again.

raccoon skull degreasing2.jpg

I do have some exciting news, though – I recent found a new specimen!

Those of you who’ve looked at my photography probably know that I live close to a bunch of ponds and lakes, and just the other day I found this little guy under a tree, about fifty feet from the edge of the pond behind my house:


He’s very small – about two inches from head to tail – and I think he might be either a red-eared slider or a painted turtle. A good deal of the soft tissue in the head was gone by the time I got to him, but he hadn’t been around long enough to get snatched up by an animal yet. Since he still has some tissue left and is pretty stinky, I put him in a hot bath and will be checking back soon. Details to come!


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