Funko Pop commission

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Finally, I get to talk about this really cute commission I got to work on for a couple of close friends!

My best friend’s husband contacted me asking if I could work on something special for him… both of them collect action figures, and she’s especially fond of the Funko Pop figurines, so he wanted to get her something unique that reflected their shared interest. After talking it over, he had two of these special blank “DIY” Funko Pop figures and some Apoxie Sculpt shipped to me, and I got to work making these little guys look just like my friends!

funko_finished big collage2

After using the Apoxie to sculpt clothes and hair, I used Liquitex acrylics to paint the figures. The glasses were cut out of a thick black plastic folder (very carefully) by hand.

funko_finished big collage.jpg

Before I started this project, I hadn’t done any sculpting in about a decade, so a lot of aspects of this commission involved me treading into unfamiliar territory. It made me more than a little nervous to be out of my comfort zone on an important project like this, but even so, I’m incredibly pleased with how they turned out!

And most importantly, I heard from my friend after she saw them for the first time today, and she loves them!


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