Affiliate links on Katy Blogs Things

Hello everyone! Today, I have a very important announcement about how certain links on my blog will be working from now on.

This post is a disclosure concerning the affiliate links that will appear here on Katy Blogs Things. The term “affiliate link” is really just a fancy way to refer to a special link that will take you to a product page on a retail-based website, such as Amazon. When you click on the link and make a purchase through that site, I may receive a small commission from the company or person who runs that site.

First of all, let’s be perfectly clear: Clicking on affiliate links does not and will never cost you, the reader, any additional charges. At all. Ever. Any commission I receive is through the company, and never at the expense of the buyer.

Secondly, all posts containing affiliate links will be labelled as such to avoid confusion. Not only is it illegal to “hide” affiliate links as regular links, but, as a blogger, it’s important to me that I be open and honest with my readers about what exactly they are clicking on. I will never post an affiliate link without disclosing the nature of the link before it appears.

I am also planning to go through my past posts and change some links to affiliate links, so be on the lookout for my affiliate link disclosure in all of my posts… not just the new ones.

Finally, I owe an emphatic “thank you” to all of my readers for their continued support! Getting commissions thanks to my readers means I’ll be able to do more with my art, which in turn means cooler projects and better blog content for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you so much!!


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