Cacti and tattoos on Society6

Hey everyone, my cactus and tattoo patterns are now on Society6! So, if you like the artwork, but were disappointed to find that Redbubble doesn’t make wall clocks, shower curtains, blankets, or rectangular pillows, then you’re in luck! Click here to check out the cactus pattern, and click here to see the tattoo pattern.

s6 cactus and tattoo collage

In other news, I recently printed half-sheet prints of my artwork to fit into a small black binder I bought a while back. My main portfolio is much bigger, and is honestly a bit of a pain to lug around, so I was excited to do this after Jesse gave me the idea to make a smaller one using a plain binder. Now that I’m done filling it with artwork (and tiny copies of my resume), I’m trying to decide if I should draw a design to decorate the front, or if I should leave it blank. Hm… have to think about that.

little portfolio collage


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