Post-vacation update

It took several days, but I finally sorted through all of the photos I took while I was on my trip!

One of my favorite things about Arizona is how beautiful the landscape is. My mom and I spent several days driving around and exploring the hills, the desert, and watching the sun set with nothing to obscure our view but sparse trees and the distant jagged shapes of surrounding mountaintops.

january vacation collage7january vacation collage8january vacation collage1During one of our drives along one of the countless dirt roads winding through the desert, I had my mom pull over so I could investigate a rockslide that had spilled down a short, steep hill. After climbing and collecting for at least a good half an hour, I ended up with over a dozen pretty new rocks to add to my collection!

january vacation collage9Finally, my favorite find of the trip: I picked up these polished agate pieces in a small jewelry and gem shop south of Wickenberg, Arizona, a few days before the end of my vacation. I just love the designs and colors! I’ve become more and more interested in rocks and gems in recent years, though I don’t really care as much about what they’re made of and am much more interested in colors and patterns.

january vacation collage3_v3

Now that my vacation photos have been shared and I’m settling back in at home, you can expect more regular updates from me about my artwork and current and upcoming projects. This week, I’m planning to spend a few days building up my cross stitch inventory for my Etsy store, and I’ll be working on a new design for my Redbubble store, too (more details on this by the weekend).

Until then, don’t forget that this year’s valentine designs are available on Redbubble as cards, stickers, notebooks, and more! There’s still time to order for Valentine’s Day, so if you like what you see in the image below, click here to check out the full collection. And, if you use the code CELEBR8 during checkout, you can save 20% off of everything on the site until midnight tonight!

rb valentines


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