Another finished Christmas project

Here’s another gift project that I can finally post about – I crocheted a scarf for my friend Kelsey, who’d been complaining about how chilly her workplace was since the weather got colder.

I’m so happy with how this scarf turned out! I did alternating rows of half-double-crochet and double-crochet stitches, and then did a row of single crochet stitches around the outside of the piece once I’d gotten it to a length I was happy with (about 60in). I think it gave the scarf a nice subtle pattern, which was perfect for my friend, since she prefers simpler designs.

kelsey scarf collage1_v3

Also, spent some time at Joann’s sifting through their quilting fabric so I can start a brand new project… more details on this next week!

dice bag sneak image copy

My next post will probably be more centered on my illustration work. Along with everything else, I’m also currently planning out this year’s Valentine’s Day card designs, so I’ll be posting about those next week sometime!


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