Some Christmas projects and new cards

Hope all of my readers have been having a great holiday season! Since some of my handmade gifts have been delivered, I can share some photos from one of my projects.

Remember when I played with shrink film for the first time last week? Well, the little magnet I made was a test piece for these cute little cactus magnets I made for my parents for Christmas! I did illustrations on my laptop, printed them out, and baked them before gluing on magnets and applying a protective coat of both acrylic spray and Mod Podge. I was so pleased with how they turned out, I almost didn’t want to give them away… but my parents loved them, so I’m glad I did!

I still have some other projects that haven’t been gifted yet, so I’ll have to wait to post the rest of them. I probably won’t be able to do that until after the new year, but until then, I’ve modified my holiday card design and posted it on Redbubble as thank you cards! They’re perfect to use for a thoughtful thank you message following the holiday season, and you can check them out at my Redbubble store by clicking here.

rb thank you cards



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