Store promos and shipping information

There’s no new artwork or crafts in this post, but you should definitely still read it. Why? Well, if you’re a fan of my artwork, and are interested in owning original art, or things like shirts or mugs that has my work on it, this post is full of important details regarding the latest Society6 promo, Etsy shipping deadlines, and more. Here’s a list of everything going on so far this month:

  1. First up, if you are interesting in buying something from my Etsy store, please be advised that the deadline to order in time for Christmas is December 18th. This is not Etsy’s deadline, it’s mine – it takes a few days for payment to clear in my bank account, and I don’t ship ordered products until it appears as “Pending” in the account. Please shop with this information in mind so that your order shows up on time… anything ordered after the 18th is not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!
  2. Speaking of Etsy, I am planning on setting up a storewide holiday sale soon. More information will be posted sometime this weekend, so stay tuned!
  3. Last, but certainly not least, there is a fantastic promotion going on at my Society6 store right now, in the form of 20% off all products and free worldwide shipping! This promo expires at midnight on December 5th, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this awesome deal, click this special link while you can.
  4. EDIT: The order deadline for all Etsy products EXCEPT for the Customized Skull Paintings is December 18th. The skull paintings are custom-made for each buyer, and, as such, can take up to two weeks to finish. Please place your orders with this information in mind!

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