Christmas projects and photography

xmas card and crochet collageAfter falling a little behind in the wake of Thanksgiving weekend, I’m doing my best to make up for it by catching up on my Christmas projects! Unfortunately, since a lot of the projects are going to be given to friends and family as presents, you guys will have to bear with some vague photos until after the holidays.

Keeping with tradition, I’m planning on doing lots of crafting for presents this year, starting with this year’s greeting cards and trying out some new crochet stitches. I haven’t settled on a concept for the cards yet, but I’m thinking something art nouveau, maybe. As for my crochet work, I’m experimenting with alternating rows of double crochet stitches and half-double crochet stitches… I like the pattern it created in this sample! I’ll have to figure out something cool to crochet with those stitches in mind.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I can reveal so far without potentially spoiling anybody’s Christmas presents. But, I did take some cool sunset photos over the past week or so, and even managed to get a few when there was snow on the ground! The sun sets so early these days that I sometimes miss the time of day where the clouds and colors look the most impressive, but I’ll have all winter to keep trying!


winter sunset collage1
winter sunset collage2
winter sunset collage3

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