Finished illustration and Krampus prints

nux FINAL_collage
Full illustration and some detail shots of Nux

Lots of progress in the past couple of days! I got to a stopping spot with my half-orc D&D character, Nux, and I’m really happy with how she looks. Using textured brushes is still a little new to me, but I think they help add a little extra visual interest that makes the finished product even cooler. I kind of threw the background stonework in last minute, so I might work back into this piece at a later date, but for now, I’m pretty satisfied with my work.

krampus prints_collage2
Printed and framed!
krampus prints_collage1
From freshly printed, to prepped for packaging, to ready to sell!

So, exciting news – my submission to the Krampus show was accepted! I’ve been busily spending the past few days making a full-sized print to be framed, as well as some packages of handmade cards to sell at the gallery. I ended up having to cut every card with scissors, since my paper cutter was chewing up the card stock, so the process took longer than I would’ve liked. Ultimately, though, I think everything ended up looking attractive and professional, and I’m very excited to drop everything off at the gallery this weekend!


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